In the world of coincidences

Hi everyone! Welcome to my blog!

I know something you may not know. Perhaps you’re thinking about it all the time, pondering over and analyzing everything, but you do not know the answer. And maybe just the opposite… you  have the sense of self-awareness strong enough to do it intentionally. I know something more about you than you’re just reading this text. How is it possible..?

Probably we haven’t met, I’m not a clairvoyant, I don’t give a Tarot reading or hack the server.. I know, since you’re here and you’re reading this text, you’re feeling the need of change, the better understanding of the world or increasing your inner strength.

Most of the topics raised here aren’t the mainstream type, so you were looking for information about spirituality or your guardian angel gave you this website. Regardless of the point of your life you are in, you aren’t here by chance, because there are no coincidences on the way to God. People who are ready to be deeply interested in spirituality are watched intently by creatures looking after them. It is your job to do a good use of the knowledge you drew from this blog. I appreciate your attempt to go forward. Your willingness to develop your spirituality- it’s the best you can do for your personal growth.

Spiritual growth helps us to understand what is reputable in our life, makes our peace and reliable life stability. These values, although widely sought after, are found by just few people in the world running like express without breaks for leisure.

Our spiritual development can be compared to acquiring knowledge and education at school. If we are trying our best and devote our free time to learning, we can enjoy the fruits of our labour in the future life, having an interesting well-paid job. Otherwise our life will be all pure chance because of the lack of knowledge and abilities. You can also cheat in tests but despite receiving diploma, there will be just light in your head.

I realise that learning a new way of noticing the world we live in is difficult and laborious because it demands thinking outside the box. The way you see the world and what is happening in it now (from economic. throughout ecology, law, freedom and independence, up to religion and perceiving God) was given you cleverly to make you think you made it up on your own. So now you should come back to your childhood and clear mind from this period of your life and learn the world under tutelage of spiritual world.

But don’t worry! I’m here to show you the way I went through in order to  get to know the spiritual world and God. I’m going to tell you, following my own and other people’s examples, how to enter a road of spiritual development and how to persevere it.

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